CdLS Family Gathering June ’09

Group Photo

We had a gathering of local CdLS families this past weekend.   We had about 13 families here and it was a lot of fun.  It’s always great when we have an opportunity to get together, share stories and laugh (or cry) about our crazy lives.  Looking back at the pictures from the day I realized that other than my immediate family, there wasn’t a single person here who I would have known were it not for Andrew.   From the other parents to the kids themselves, the siblings, and Andrew’s teachers, therapists, and even doctors…they hold a very special place in my heart and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know them.

June '09 083
It reminds me again that having a child with special needs and challenges really is a blessing in so many ways.  I sometimes wonder what it would have been like for all of my kids to be “normal”.  But, I wouldn’t trade him, the experiences, or my new extended family for anything.   
Can you fee the love?  Andrew and his teacher Maryann.
Can you fee the love?

June '09 091June '09 094June '09 097

"Little Boy Blue"
“Little Boy Blue”

June '09 114June '09 128June '09 088


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heidi @ ggip
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 18:49:54

    Thanks for posting about the great Family gathering. I have heard from many other special needs parents that they are so happy to have made the connections with other families, and it is true that this is only because they have a special needs child themselves.

    So when is the next one? 😉


  2. Chrissy
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 00:33:28

    I love being able to check in and see what’s new with you guys! Hope you had a great time with the families and thank goodness you had nice weather. Looks like everyone had fun!


  3. suna
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 00:21:30

    would like to join in in that at some point.


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