Christmas Tree (Wordless Wednesday)

Andrew has more fun taking things off of the tree than putting them on.

Updates: Mom, Money, Andrew’s pain

Picked my mom up today and brought her here.  She is currently using a walker and hopes to graduate to a cane by next week.  The knee is doing well, but the foot drop has not changed.  I’ve heard it could be up to 4 months for that to return to normal, if it returns at all.  We’re trying to remain optimistic.  She’ll have therapy 3 times a week and will have to do blood work 2 times a week since she is on coumedin (sp?) to prevent blood clots which is a big risk after knee surgery.  Overall though, after a rocky start I think she is doing very well right now.

Money, our dog is hanging in pretty well too!  The subcutaneous fluids we were supplying for 3 days did not help.  Paul took her to the vet 3 days in a row where she stayed all day and received IV fluids.  Unfortunately, that didn’t help either.  Her levels are still very high and we’ve been told there is really nothing else that can be done.  So we wait.  And love her all we can.  The good news is that she is still feeling pretty good.  She’s enjoyed a walk every night, though they’re much shorter than they used to be and she’s still pretty peppy at times.  She seems happy and of course we’re hoping she’ll stay that way for a while.  We’re going on vacation next week and she is going with us.  Can’t ask for more right now and I’m very happy that she’s still feeling so well. 

Andrew has not had a major pain episode since I posted about it.  That’s certainly good news.  Unfortunately he slept till almost noon that morning and now his sleep schedule is all messed up.  Last night he was in his room for hours just screaming (for fun).  I was ready to go sleep outside!  This afternoon he was asleep by 4pm.  Wonder what time he’ll wake up.  I should get to sleep soon so I can have a few hours in before he wakes.  There’s a small chance he’ll sleep till morning.  Wouldn’t that be nice! 

Thanks to everyone for your kind words of support for all that is happening here right now.  It really does help lessen that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Mom’s Knee Replacement

What a weekend!  My mom had knee replacement surgery on Friday. She is still in the hospital and it doesn’t seem that things are going as well as we had hoped.  She is a nurse and still works full time.  She works in Hospice and loves patient care.  It takes a special kind of person to do hospice and she is definitely one of those people.  She is close to retirement, but can’t imagine not doing patient care, so is in no hurry to retire.  She’s been in pain for years and the pain has gotten unbearable so she decided on the replacement.  She’s hoping this will not only allow her to keep up with Andrew, but also allow her to continue doing what she loves, which is nursing. 

She’s been saying that she couldn’t lift her foot up towards her and it was feeling numb.  She could move the toes, but not the foot.  Today the doctor said she may have “foot drop”.  I did some research and it could be from nerve damage from the surgery.  I sure hope not!  How dissappointing to have the knee replaced so you can become more mobile and get around without pain and then find out that you now have a new probelm to deal with!  For a person who gives so much of herself, it’s just not fair.  Tomorrow they will fit her with a brace to help keep the foot where it is supposed to be and she’ll start rehab.  I sure hope this thing resolves!