Wordless Wednesday (a little late)


So, I was trying to take a nice picture of Joe, but he kept hiding and turning away from me.  I was getting so annoyed.  It took the picture anyway and it actually turned out really nice.  So here it is.

Goodbye “Baby Girl”

"Money", my "baby girl"

My "baby girl" Money

My “baby girl” is gone.  She was diagnosed with renal failure on the 18th of July.  We tried some treatments, but nothing worked.  We took her on vacation with us during the first week in August.  She did really well and seemed to be hanging in.  She started losing her appetite and wasn’t drinking enough.  After we came home from vacation she got weaker and weaker.  On the 14th the vet came to the house to rescue her from her misery.  It’s up there among the saddest and hardest things I’ve ever experienced.  It’s hard to get past that day, but I’m trying to focus on the 13 great years we had with her.  What a big hole there is in our hearts and in our home.  My 9 year old son has been so supportive.  When he sees my husband or me get really sad he puts his arm around us and tells us that we “did the right thing” and it’ll be okay.  (Aren’t we supposed to be doing that for him??)  What a great kid!  And what a great dog! 

We love you Money!  And miss you terribly.