Kid Tough DVD Player by Fisher Price

Watching Barney in the car

Watching Barney in the car

Last week I bought a kid’s DVD player from Walmart.  It’s made by Fisher Price and it’s called “Kid Tough DVD Player”.  I’m so happy with it I just have to share!  It is a little pricey and I saw on line that the prices really vary.  Walmart has the best price so far that I have seen.  Andrew has been using this since last week.  He used it in the car on our 8 hour trip over the holiday weekend and while we were on our trip and every day since then.  It’s actually rubber all around the outside so when (yes, “when” not “if”) he throws it it is well protected.  The worse thing that has happened so far is that the DVD came dislodged.  When replaced it worked just fine again.  The buttons are big and Andrew has already figured out what they all do.  It’s great for a kid who likes to be in charge.  The screen is only 3.5 inches, but it has a real nice picture and it’s perfect for him.  Having a kid with CdLS, there are a couple of drawbacks.  One, he has figured out how to open the door which means no DVD is safe.  So far a piece of tape is holding him off.  Hopefully it will last.  Two, the buttons beep.  Andrew loves noisy things, so he is always pushing the volume button and the contrast button just because they beep.  I wish I could turn off the beeping. 

This thing will also play musical CDs.  Andrew has a few CDs he likes to listen to and he was so excited when he realized it was playing his favorite music.  This is a great buy and I just had to share it.  Especially for those with kids with special needs or even younger toddlers.  This thing will come in handy if you go out to dinner or even to a friends house.  If your child likes watching DVD’s or hearing music it will keep them busy for a while so you can have some free time, however brief it might be.  It’s small, has a handle so they can carry it, and has legs in the back so you can stand it up in front of them at the table or on a tray in the car.  I even made a DVD of pictures and videos from our weekend trip.  Andrew loves to look at pictures of himself and family so this is a big hit.  I can’t give him photo albums because he rips the pages out.  I love this thing!!

Oh yeah, it has a rechargeable battery and comes with the adapter.  You do have to buy the car adapter seperately which also comes with headphones which could come in handy for some of you.

special exposure / Wordless Wednesday

Andrew and I hitch a ride on a camel.  Not very comfy sitting on the hump I must say.

Andrew and I hitch a ride on a camel. Not very comfy sitting on the hump I must say.

Andrew loved this ride!  He is not the most patient when it comes to waiting his turn, and this was no exception.  It was a challenge to keep him from pushing people out of the way.  I had to sit on the hump!  Not comfortable at all!  It doesn’t look so uncomfortable in the movies, but trust me!  This is especially not a ride a male would enjoy.  My husband tried it once at the zoo.  Never again.  It’s worth it though when we see how much he enjoys it.  It’s all about the kids, right?

Wordless Wednesday

Can't help but smile when you see a rainbow...

Can't help but smile at a rainbow... : )

I know I’m a little early, but I have a busy day tomorrow and might not get to this.  Enjoy this marvel of nature.  I never cease to be amazed by the wonder and beauty of a rainbow.  This one was behind my house just the other day.  Can’t help but smile and feel good when you see one.  If you look closely you’ll actually see two rainbows!

Goodbye “Baby Girl”

"Money", my "baby girl"

My "baby girl" Money

My “baby girl” is gone.  She was diagnosed with renal failure on the 18th of July.  We tried some treatments, but nothing worked.  We took her on vacation with us during the first week in August.  She did really well and seemed to be hanging in.  She started losing her appetite and wasn’t drinking enough.  After we came home from vacation she got weaker and weaker.  On the 14th the vet came to the house to rescue her from her misery.  It’s up there among the saddest and hardest things I’ve ever experienced.  It’s hard to get past that day, but I’m trying to focus on the 13 great years we had with her.  What a big hole there is in our hearts and in our home.  My 9 year old son has been so supportive.  When he sees my husband or me get really sad he puts his arm around us and tells us that we “did the right thing” and it’ll be okay.  (Aren’t we supposed to be doing that for him??)  What a great kid!  And what a great dog! 

We love you Money!  And miss you terribly.

Wordless Wednesday

Don't be fooled. This looks like a quiet, peaceful event. However, he is banging and yelling celebrating the successful climb to the windowsill.

This looks like a quiet, peaceful event. Don't be fooled! He's banging and yelling to celebrate his successful climb! But I can look at it and pretend we have those quiet peaceful times:)

Oh my goodness!!

"the little darling"

"the little darling"

I just checked my calendar.  That’s where I put all of the stickers from the g-tube box that has the serial numbers on it.  I also note each day that I have to change his tube.  SIX g-tubes in the month of July!!!  Yes, SIX!!  That’s insane!  And that’s with all of the measures in place that we could come up with to keep him from pulling them out…overalls during the day, onesies and shirts pinned to shorts at night.  During the day has been pretty good.  But night times are a pain in the neck now!  I can’t put him to bed in overalls.  Not with all of the metal buttons and buckles.  That would be very uncomfortable I would think.  The onesies are useless.  He pulls the tube out anyway, but at least it doesn’t get lost.  And he can’t very well chew on it when it’s stuck inside his clothes, right?!  UGH!!!  All suggestions welcome!  There’s got to be something!

Wordless Wednesday

Tables are for glasses, not for...oh, never mind!

Tables are for glasses, not for...oh, never mind!

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