G-tube Insanity

I’m going absolutely insane right now.  Andrew goes through phases when he pulls his g-tube out ALOT.  I mean like 10-15 times a day!  Everything I’ve tried to deter him is futile.  He is older and wiser and can just about beat anything I can come up with.  He’s too big for onesies, and it’s so hot I hate to put them on him.  The only thing that works sometimes is overalls.  I actually put the overalls on first and the shirt over top.  It doesn’t look very comfortable, but it’s the only thing he hasn’t beaten consistently.  But I only have so many pairs of overalls, which means I’m washing a lot!  And pulling my hair out!

G-tube tossed aside.

G-tube tossed aside.

Andrew has done this before, but this time is a little different.  He’s not just pulling the tube out and throwing it.  He’s actually chewing on it and destroying the balloon!  He’s gone through 3 g-tubes in less than 2 weeks!  I’m waiting for the insurance company to cut us off!  And I won’t even get into the mess!  Several sets of clothes a day.  Not sure I can afford to keep this kid.

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.  I am going to check out a website for clothing that is supposedly made for this type of thing.  I hope they’re not too expensive but I think I’ve exhausted all of my own remedies.

Andrew 101


first trip to the beach

first trip to the beach

I’m new to this blog thing, so please bear with me while I find my way around.  Andrew 101 is a great way for me to get started.  So…Heeeeere’s Andrew!

At birth Andrew weighed only 4 pounds and 15 ounces.

It was a scary time but he was a trooper.

He has great eye contact easily gets people to fall in love with him.

He had a nissen fundoplication at the age of 2 1/2 months and a g-tube placed at the same time.

Andrew has been fed through the g-tube since 3 months of age. 

He enjoys the tastes of certain foods, but has difficulty with the whole chewing, swallowing and breathing thing all at the same time.

The foods he loves to taste are chocolate chip cookies, oreos of course, and cheese puffs, as well as doritos and lime flavored nachos. 

He’s now 6 years old, weighs about 30 pounds (and has for the last 2+ years) and is about 36 inches tall.

He attends an autistic support classroom in a school nearby.

He loves his keyboards (yes, he has more than one)

He loves his keyboards (yes, he has more than one)

Andrew loves school and riding the bus to and from school

As most kids with cdls, Andrew has significant delays in speech.  He likes to say “mom mom mom mom” and has started producing the “h” sound which is pretty exciting.  We expect some speech some day.  For now he uses pictures, over 30 words in adapted sign language and we are experimenting with augmentative devices.

Andrew has two older brothers.  Justin is 19 and Joe is 8. 

His favorite things are toys that light up and make music, anything that vibrates including his electric toothbrush, and mirrors (he’s his favorite playmate).

His favorite things to do:  spinning, banging on EVERYTHING including tables, cabinet doors, windows (the louder the better), dumping our kitchen chairs, swinging on the swings, driving his little electric car in circles in the yard, running, oh…and harrassing our dog.

He’s recently become obsessed with zippers and will approach strangers to zip or unzip their coats.  I’m in no hurry for him to figure out that most pants have zippers too!  Yikes!!

He has an infectious laugh and at times appears to be laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing.

Loves foot rubs and can manipulate almost anyone into giving him one.

He just surprised Dad with the "three stooges" poke in the eyes.

He just surprised Dad with the "three stooges" poke in the eyes.

Andrew has a great sense of humor and likes to tease.

One of his favorie games is what we like to call “Andrew says”.  It’s kind of like “Simon says” only Andrew always gets to be the leader.  If someone else tries to lead he quits the game.

While he can certainly push the limits and beyond, he is truly a joy and such a happy boy.

Because of Andrew we’ve joined a special club in the world of special needs.  We’ve made so many new friends and have grown in so many ways.  I know it sounds cliche, but what a blessing!!