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Andrew and I hitch a ride on a camel.  Not very comfy sitting on the hump I must say.

Andrew and I hitch a ride on a camel. Not very comfy sitting on the hump I must say.

Andrew loved this ride!  He is not the most patient when it comes to waiting his turn, and this was no exception.  It was a challenge to keep him from pushing people out of the way.  I had to sit on the hump!  Not comfortable at all!  It doesn’t look so uncomfortable in the movies, but trust me!  This is especially not a ride a male would enjoy.  My husband tried it once at the zoo.  Never again.  It’s worth it though when we see how much he enjoys it.  It’s all about the kids, right?

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  1. Rachelle
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 15:11:57

    Very cool! Looks like a lot of fun!


  2. Heidi
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 17:06:05

    That looks a little scary to me. How did Andrew like it?


  3. Rhonda
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 21:53:38

    Beth, I am impressed that you would get on that thing. I would have been scared to death. You’re right, though, if we can make the kiddos happy, we’d walk through fire (okay, I might draw the line there!).

    Have a good week.


  4. cdls
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 22:33:00

    Beth…that is an awesome photograph! I know it wasn’t fun for you sitting on the hump, but Andrew looks like he’s in camel heaven!


  5. Sandi
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 23:12:48

    Cool photo Beth!! You are right though, that does not look comfortable at all…you’re a brave woman 🙂 Andrew looks like he’s lovin’ it though!


  6. Misty (mason's mom)
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 23:14:28

    thank you for the comment on my blog and for all of the info about andrew’s seizure. we are hoping it’s a one time occurance. funny that you mention anesthsia…mason has surgery in the morning to ‘bring down’ his testicles. he has had asverse reactions to anesthsia before and we are nervous wrecks. i am half tempted to cancel…. but i know he needs to have it done sooner than later, although it isn’t life threatening at this time (the surgery itself i mean). i will be sure to mention that he may be more suceptible to a seizure after anesthsia. i remember them asking me about them before his other surgeries.

    i love your blog and hope you don’t mind if i add you to my blog roll!

    GREAT picture! i hope that i am adventerous like that when mason is older!! 🙂 he looks llike he is having a blast!


  7. Maureen (Hope Kurth's mom)
    Sep 26, 2008 @ 17:32:29

    It is all about the kids. What a good sport! And a great picture!


  8. Paul
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 20:50:45

    That is a great picture. Your husband must be a great guy!!!


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